2K QR Clear 821-122



A new-generation rapid drying 2K clear coat for quick job turnaround and spot repairs. In a market where time is of the essence, 2K QR Clear offers the perfect combination of speed and quality. Even faster drying than our own 2K QB Clear, yet yielding a higher gloss finish. Essentially, 2K QR Clear offers drying and processing speeds rivalling (or surpassing) 4:1 systems, but with the reliable durability of a 2:1 system.

Mixing ratio (2:1)
Hardener: 12-73 QR Hardener
Reducer: 2K 1216/1218 (20-25%)
Potlife: 3h (30C)
Dust free: 5 min (30C)
Polishable: 2h (30C), 20min (60C)
Spray viscosity (DIN4, 30C): 14-15 sec