ADQ Deposition/Printing Ink (31 Series)


ADQ (31 Series) is a complete range of inks for paint colour cards which accurately replicate the appearance of the actual paints (eg: emulsion, acrylic, alkyd). Primarily applied on coated card, this range offers thorough application flexibility, allowing matching of thousands of colours spanning from matt to high gloss in surface finishing.

Precise production of paint colour cards requires the ink system to be colour stable in the wet due to high deposition thickness. To address this, the ADQ range employs technologies which keep colourants and white pigments stable, minimizing colour defects during printing.

Suitable for printing on to:
– coated card
– varnished card

The viscosity of the ADQ range has been developed for use in both common industry processes: semi-automatic deposition & continuous drawing. In both cases printing viscosity may be adjusted slightly with suitable solvents.

ADQ may be dried at room temperature or force dried if necessary (approx 50 °C) although care must be taken that the substrate does not change dimensionally due to the elevated temperature.

The system is based on 2 transparent mediums (Gloss and Matt), interblends of which form the basis for the colours to be subsequently matched. Thereafter, combining the 16 standard colours results in the creation of an almost limitless range of colour shades.