GLS Ink (34 Series)


GLS (34 Series) is a high-gloss solvent-based screen printing ink range designed for application primarily on glass and also on to a variety of substrates ranging from ceramics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and some plated substrates.
This highly versatile series can be printed by silk screen or pad printing processes and cures to a remarkably high gloss and smooth attractive finish.

Suitable for printing on to:
– glass
– aluminium
– metals
– ceramics
While GLS has been rigourously tested for adhesion, it is still imperative that care be taken that surfaces to be printed are clean and free of contaminants such as oils, finger prints, silicone etc which may impair adhesion.

GLS is an excellent product for many indoor marking and decoration applications. It is, however, not recommended for exterior applications or exposure to high dosages UV light

Drying/ Hardening
GLS is designed to be used with its accompanying curing agent. This is necessary to achieve the full scale of properties and quality.The ratio of curing agent to be used is 10% for all colours, except white, which requires only 5%. These ratios should not be exceeded or reduced as properties may be compromised.