UV Screen Ink for ABS plastic substrates requiring superior abrasion resistance

The UV ABS range is widely used in the consumer electronics sector for marking in the following applications requiring superior abrasion and wear resistance:
-computer keyboards
-phone keypads
-calculator keys

Note: It is always advisable to pretest all substrates for adequate adhesion prior to use in production.

-excellent adhesion to ABS substrates and some other rigid plastics
-vivid colour
-semi-gloss finish
-fast cure
-high hardness

The rheology and high viscosity of UV ABS inks are designed to provide excellent print definition, ideal for marking applications. However, should the viscosity and/or gloss level require adjustment, extra additives are available to accomplish this. (Please see your Radcure Inks and Coatings representative for further information).
UV ABS inks are designed for indoor applications such as stated above and are therefore not recommended for outdoor exposure.