UV Versa-Flex



UV Screen Ink for exterior graphic/advertising applications, especially on various types of PVC substrates.

UV Versa-Flex Series is a range of UV curable screen inks specially formulated for use in

UV Versa-Flex is suitable for the following applications:
-PVC self-adhesive films
-rigid and soft PVC
-advertising billboards
-vehicle decals
-window stickers (cling vinyl)

Since print substrates come in various grades and conditions, it is always advisable to pretest all substrates for adequate adhesion prior to use in production.

UV Versa-Flex exhibits its versatility in adhesion on a wide variety of PVC substrates, improving on the performance of our previous products. Among the other properties of this product series are:

-high flexibility
-vivid colour
-fast cure
-high flexibility
-good toughness
-good curl resistance
-excellent outdoor durability